eSports Wagers

eSports Wagers on the Blockchain

Equilibria adds transparency to the eSport match betting scene — something the space has needed for years.
  • Increased security with events being managed by Equilibria Oracle Nodes.
  • Bets are done through XEQ – a private cryptocurrency.
  • Events can’t be rigged and are validated by Oracle nodes.
  • Middle-man fees are extremely low thanks to blockchain technology.
Equilibria ili bet transparent esports betting
how ili bet works

How it Works

A user can create a wager for an eSport match by paying a small fee. This person does not speculate on who wins or loses, they only create the wager. In return for opening up a wager, they will receive a small % of the wage pool at the end of the match. Anyone can see this match and can make a bet.

Once the match is complete, the winners will have their winnings sent to their wallet. The entire system is managed through the Equilibria chain. Oracle Nodes are rewarded a small % of the wage pool for managing the wager.

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