A Private and Decentralized Oracle Solution

Equilibria Nodes

Decentralized Oracle Nodes

Equilibria is a hybrid PoW/PoS decentralized oracle node network
Equilibria Private Secure

Private and Secure

XEQ is both private and secure
Equilibria high utility

High Utility

Use-cases span from stablecoins to eSports

About Equilibria

Equilibria is an open-source project focused on creating a private and decentralized oracle solution for a multitude of use cases. We are currently prepared for two initial use cases – asset price tracking and eSports betting.

Oracle Nodes
Oracle Nodes are community-run nodes that monitor data and relay it back to the blockchain. Equilibria uses a built-in incentive system to encourage good-actors to run Oracle Nodes that feed data to the blockchain, and help prevent bad actors from participating in the network. Anyone can start a node, and all oracle node holders are rewarded with a portion of the total block reward and any fees generated from an oracle cluster. The team will build a number of oracle clusters to make it easy for other blockchains to integrate Equilibria Oracle Nodes.

Oracle Clusters

The primary use for Equilibria Oracle Nodes is to strengthen other projects by removing unnecessary centralization from their dApps and/or network protocols. We will build oracle clusters that make it easy to integrate Equilibria Oracle Nodes into any privacy-focused project. We will also create our own dApps that utilize oracle nodes and are built directly into the blockchain. Only the most trusted and secure data sources will be used to ensure high-quality data and 100% uptime. Currently, there are two planned oracle clusters but more may be added in the future.

Start an Oracle Node

DELFI – Asset Price Tracking

DELFI is Equilibria’s asset price tracking oracle cluster. Our goal is to create a decentralized API that other blockchains can use to gather asset price data. Initially, DELFI will track 1900 cryptocurrencies, 6 metals, and 170 fiat currencies. Later on more assets may be introduced. Fees Generated by DELFI are rewarded to all Oracle Nodes on the network.

Potential Use-Cases

  • Decentralized API designed for privacy projects.
  • Decentralized stablecoin projects.
  • Asset management projects such as a DEX

ili – eSports Betting
ili Bet is an esports betting platform that will be built into the Equilibria blockchain and managed by Equilibria Oracle Nodes. Because ili Bet is built directly into Equilibria’s blockchain, all wagers/bets are private, untraceable, highly secure, and accessible from anywhere in the world. This adds transparency to the eSports betting scene — something the space has needed for years. One feature we are particularly excited about is bringing eSports betting to Discord – a massive social platform that was initially designed for gamers. This creates a large opportunity for betting to be done through a bot that can be used on any discord server.


  • Events are managed by Equilibria Oracle Nodes to increase security.
  • Bets are done through XEQ – a private and untraceable cryptocurrency.
  • Events can’t be rigged and results can’t be tampered with.
  • Middle-man fees are next to nothing.
  • eSports betting is made accessible to anyone in the world.

How it Works

A user can create a new wager by paying a small fee. This person does not speculate on who wins or loses, they only start the wager. In return for opening up a wager, they will receive a small percent of the wage pool at the end of the match. Anyone can see this wager and can make a bet.

Once the match is complete, the prize pool is distributed to each of the winners. This process is completely automated and managed by Equilibria Oracle Nodes. As a reward for managing each wager, all of the Oracle Nodes are given a small percent of the prize pool.

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